Preferred Medication Lists

AvMed Commercial Formularies are updated quarterly.

Please choose the medication list option that applies to you.


Medicare Members

  • Medicare 2019 Formulary Documents:

AvMed Medicare 2019 Comprehensive Formulary (Effective January 1, 2019)

AvMed Medicare 2019 Comprehensive Formulary (Spanish) (Effective January 1, 2019)

2019 Part D Prior Authorization Criteria (Effective January 1, 2019)

2019 Part D Step Therapy Criteria (Effective January 1, 2019)

  • Medicare 2018 Formulary Documents:

AvMed Medicare 2018 Comprehensive Formulary (Effective November 1, 2018)

AvMed Medicare 2018 Comprehensive Formulary (Spanish) (Effective November 1, 2018)

2018 Part D Prior Authorization Criteria (Effective November 1, 2018)

2018 Part D Step Therapy Criteria (Effective November 1, 2018)

AvMed Medicare 2018 Negative Formulary Changes

Commercial Members

  • Engage and Empower Members:

2018 5-Tier Commercial Formulary (Effective October 1, 2018)

Use the above 5-Tier Formulary if you have one of the following plans:

  • Small Group Plans: Engage, Empower
  • Large Group Plans: Engage, Empower, Achieve, Agility
  • Individual & Family Plans: Engage, Empower
  • Group and Individual Members/Employers:

2018 4-Tier Commercial Formulary (Effective October 1, 2018)

Use the above 4-Tier Formulary if you have one of the following plans:

  • Small Group Plans: Achieve, Agility, HMO, Choice
  • Large Group Plans: HMO, Choice, POS
  • Individual & Family Plans: Easy, Elite


If your plan's prescription medication benefit includes the "Cost-sharing drugs" tier, please reference the 2018 4-Tier Commercial Formulary. The cost-sharing drug tier has been discontinued.


AvMed Medicare is an HMO plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in AvMed Medicare depends on contract renewal.
Address: 9400 S. Dadeland Blvd. Miami, FL 33156

Prospective Members: 888-492-8633 (TTY 711)
Current Members: 800-782-8633 (TTY 711)
October 1–March 31, 8 am-8 pm, 7 days a week.
April 1–September 30, 8 am-8 pm, Monday-Friday.

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