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Welcome to your WELLfluent Living Program. Find the latest news and updates, and access your hub, where you can find a variety of services. Your WELLfluent Living Program is powered by Healthyroads. 


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Alternative Medicine Discounts & Savings

Through our alternative medicine program, powered by ChooseHealthy, you have access to offers on discounted health and wellness improvement products and services. Members can receive discounts of up to 25% on chiropractors, acupuncturists, gym discounts, massage therapists and registered dieticians. An online store of brand name wellness products is also available at a discounted rate.


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Personal Health Assessment

The Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is an online questionnaire that evaluates several areas of health such as stress levels, nutrition, physical activity, sleep patterns, tobacco usage and overall health. It takes 10-20 minutes to complete and the questions are intended to help Members understand which areas may need improvement or are considered at risk.


If you choose to participate in the wellness program you will be asked to complete a voluntary health risk assessment or "PHA" that asks a series of questions about your health-related activities and behaviors and whether you have or had certain medical conditions (e.g., cancer, diabetes or heart disease). You may also be asked to complete a biometric screening, which may include a blood test for blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


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Smoking Cessation

The tobacco cessation program offers a variety of resources to help smokers quit. AvMed partners with Tobacco Free Florida to provide community based resources, a coach and quit kit to support Members towards a tobacco free life. We also offer additional discounts on nicotine replacement products and provide online classes and articles to help aid in the quitting process. 


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Weight Watchers®

The Weight Watchers Program offers a tailored approach to help modify lifestyles by providing nutritional counseling to help Members lose and/or manage their weight. AvMed partnered with Weight Watchers to provide a discounted rate to all Members and a reimbursement for select AvMed groups.

Commercial Members: Reimbursement for all fees paid to WeightWatchers for a period up to one year by AvMed members who reach and maintain their goal weight as defined in the WeightWatchers program.

Medicare Members are eligible for a discounted rate.



AvMed offers you 3 ways to do it:

  1. Local Meetings - Join at any Florida location.

  2. At Work Meetings - Minimum of 18 employees must participate to start the program.

  3. At Home - Delivered right to your doorstep. No fuss...convenience of home!


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Nurse On Call

Now, more than ever, health improvement is only a telephone call away. Whether you want to speak to a Registered Nurse or listen to an audio tape from our health library, AvMed's Nurse On Call is ready to help you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just dial the toll-free number: 888-866-5432.


Smoking Cessation

Ready to quit smoking? We’re here to help! Kicking the habit can be easier than ever with these programs:



In addition to the resources above, our Members also receive a discount rate for Smokenders—and reimbursement if you quit smoking!


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If you have questions, simply give AvMed’s Member Engagement Center a call at the number on your AvMed Member ID.

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