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Medical Transportation Benefit

We've partnered with Alivi to manage non-emergency medical transportation services (NEMT) and provide Medicare Members in our Broward and Miami-Dade plans with transportation to plan-approved locations. No matter the transportation needs you may have, we can accommodate them so that you never slow down.

To schedule a ride, please call Alivi at least 48 hours in advance at one of the phone numbers listed below, Monday-Friday 8 am-6 pm:

Local: 786-594-2718

Toll Free: 1-888-863-0259

TTY: 786-633-4510

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Benefits

For more information about this benefit, expand the sections below.

Specialized trip options

We can accommodate you with our four specialized trip options:

Ambulatory Curb to Curb – For Members who require no assistance with walking or standing.
Ambulatory Door to Door – For Members who require assistance walking and getting into and out of the vehicle.
Wheelchair Accessible – For Members who are unable to transfer to a vehicle seat or who require a wheelchair-lift.
Stretcher Transport – For Members who are bed-bound and must travel in a stretcher.

Numerous trip locations

You may request transportation to the following places:

  • Physician offices
  • Physical/Occupational/Speech therapy
  • Dental exams
  • Pharmacies
  • Participating radiology and lab locations.

Easy scheduling process

To schedule a ride, please call Alivi at least 48 hours in advance at one of the number listed below, Monday-Friday 8 am-6 pm. If you need to cancel a scheduled ride, please call Alivi at one of the numbers listed below Monday-Friday 8 am-6 pm.

Local: 786-594-2718

Toll Free: 1-888-863-0259

TTY: 786-633-4510

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