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Cost Saving Tools

Good for Your Health and Your Wallet

Our job at AvMed is to protect you and your health, of course. But it's also our job to find ways to help reduce the costs of care. Use these free tools, available to all AvMed Medicare Members to help you save.

Cost Calculator


No more surprises when you visit the doctor. With the AvMed Cost Calculator you can see the total costs of a procedure or service before you schedule an appointment.


Search across more than 120 specific medical services, and the tool compiles a comprehensive list of available doctors, locations, coverages and out-of-pocket costs for all specific to your plan coverage.


Cost Calculator also includes:

  • Estimated "all-in" cost for Members, including all facility and physician fees.

  • Estimated "all-in" cost for AvMed, showing how much you save with your plan.

  • Complete cost breakdown of anticipated charges.

  • How each option impacts your annual deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.

  • The Cost Calculator tool is free to all AvMed Medicare Members. Find it by logging in to the Member Portal.

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Rx Savings Solutions

Rx Savings Solutions is a free, confidential medication service that helps you find the best deals on your prescriptions. This service is linked to your plan, so everything is personalized according to the medications you and your family are currently taking.

Getting started:

Log in to your Member Portal account and select the Rx Savings Solutions link on the left menu.


  • Get automatic alerts that tell you if you’re paying too much.

  • To change to a lower-cost prescription, Rx Savings Solutions will work with your doctor to get it approved.

  • Know your choices before going to the pharmacy.

  • Compare costs and options to save money

Rx Savings Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

Need additional help?

Contact Rx Savings Solutions Pharmacy Support Team at 800-268-4476 or