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Find the Right Pharmacy

Take advantage of your health plan benefits and save by getting your medications through an in-network pharmacy.

Find a Pharmacy

Are You a Member?

Log in to the Member Portal to find covered drugs or a pharmacy that works with your plan.

List of Covered Drugs

Find out what prescriptions are covered under your AvMed plan using the formularies (prescription drug lists).

Pharmacy Resources

If you have questions or need information on how to obtain a copy of AvMed’s decision-making criteria, please call AvMed’s Provider Service Center at 1-800-452-8633, Option 3, for assistance.

Medication Synchronization Program

Members can align the refill timing on multiple prescriptions, so that they can be more conveniently filled on the same date. By synchronizing your prescriptions you will eliminate repeated trips to the pharmacy each month, saving you the time and money. Ask your pharmacist for details.

AvMed will apply a daily cost-sharing rate to a prescription presented to a network pharmacy that is dispensed for less than the plan-defined one-month supply.

Medication Synchronization Details (For Pharmacy Use Only)


Free Diabetes Blood Glucose Meter

If you have diabetes, you know how important it is to check your blood glucose levels regularly. We want to help - with a new, no-cost OneTouch blood glucose meter. It's part of your prescription plan and ordering is easy. Order yours at no cost at