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Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits Are Your Way to Health

Find an AvMed Medicare Advantage plan with reliable medical coverage and added benefits for specialty care and wellness.

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AvMed Medical Coverage

All AvMed Medicare Advantage plans offer $0 copay primary care office visits along with preventive visits at no cost and a suite of wellness programs you can use to stay active.

What's Covered By Your Medicare Advantage Plan?

All AvMed plans make it easy for you by combining Medicare Part A , Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D, along with a host of other helpful benefits into an all encompassing plan called Medicare Part C or a "Medicare Advantage Plan". While all our plans cover A, B and D, each plan has various levels of enhanced Medical coverage and features you can only get through AvMed.

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Types of Medical Benefits

Hospital Care

Covers inpatient hospital visits as well as room and meal costs, nursing and inpatient prescriptions.

Clinic Visits

Routine doctor visits are simple and straightforward with AvMed Medicare Advantage.

Preventive Services

Keep ahead of illnesses and detect them early for successful treatment.

Skilled Nursing Care

Stay in good hands at either a skilled nursing facility or nursing home.

Hospice Care

Get the specialized care and pain management that fit your preferences.

Home Care

Receive services like physical therapy, occupational therapy, and others right at home.

Ambulance Service

Transportation and emergency services are available should you ever need urgent care.

Medical Equipment

Be ready with everything you need to manage your health such as oxygen equipment, testing tools, wheelchairs and more.

Mental Health

Provide for your well-being with coverage that covers mental health visits and stays.

Find A Plan That Fits You

Everyone has different needs when it comes to healthcare. Browse our Medicare Advantage plans to find coverage that
works for you.

AvMed Medicare - Circle HMO

A comprehensive plan with dental, vision and hearing benefits.

AvMed Medicare - Choice HMO

A value plan with $0 primary care visits plus dental, vision and hearing benefits.

AvMed Medicare - Access HMO-POS

A wide-network plan that covers dental, vision and hearing.

AvMed Medicare - Premium Saver HMO

A basic plan available in Broward County only, including up to $100 Part B reimbursement.

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