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Parts of Medicare

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Understanding the Basics

The parts of Medicare can start to sound like a word scramble at first, but let's start with the ABCs. We'll help you understand your Medicare options so you can make an informed decision. 

Extra Help With Prescription Costs 

Medicare may cover all or part of your prescription costs if you qualify for "Extra Help," a federal low-income subsidy program (LIS).


Make Sure Your Prescriptions Are Covered

Want to know if your medications are covered before enrolling in an AvMed Medicare Advantage plan? Check our Medicare Formularies. 


Costs of Medicare



  Premium (2024)

  Deductible (2024)

  Coinsurance (2024)

Part A

Most qualify for premium-free Part A. If not, you will pay either $278 or $505 per month depending on the Medicare taxes you've paid.

Find out if you qualify for premium-free Part A
  • $0 for 1-60 days after you pay your Part A deductible.
  • $408 for 61-90 days copayment each day.
  • $816 for 91-150 days copayment each day while using your 60 lifetime reserve days.
  • All costs beyond 150 days

Part B

$174.70 or more depending on your income
$240 20% of Medicare approved services

Part C

Varies based on your plan
Varies based on your plan Varies based on your plan

Part D

Varies based on your plan
Varies but cannot exceed $505 Copay can vary based on your plan



Important Deadlines

Are there deadlines I should know about? Absolutely. Get to know these Medicare dates when signing up or switching your Medicare Advantage Plan. It’s one of the most important things you can do.

Get dates and details on Medicare enrollment.