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Better health. From your mind and body to your monthly budget.

Looking for the best physician or hospital for you or your family? Maybe you’re figuring out ways to get a better handle on the cost of prescriptions or office visits?

When it comes to your overall wellness, we know these things are as important as watching what you eat or exercising regularly. Along with nationally-respected Healthgrades, and our Embrace Better Health resources, we’re here to help you find the answers you need.

Learn about our services below to make the most of your plan.

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AvMed Cost Calculator



A new tool for transparency.

No more surprises. AvMed Cost Calculator enables you to see the total costs of a procedure or service before you schedule an appointment. This unique tool helps AvMed Members evaluate Provider and Facility pricing in advance, to determine the best value.


Members + Information = Power.

The AvMed Cost Calculator allows you to search across more than 120 specific medical services and compiles a comprehensive list of available doctors, locations, coverages and out-of-pocket costs. Cost Calculator also includes:

  • Estimated "all-in" cost for Members, including all facility and physician fees.
  • Estimated "all-in" cost for AvMed, showing how much you save with your plan. 
  • Complete cost breakdown of anticipated charges.
  • Real-time impact each option has on your annual deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.


And it’s all free.

AvMed Cost Calculator is free to AvMed Members. To learn more, log in to your account, or call AvMed’s Member Engagement Center using the number on the back of your Member ID Card. 

AvMed SmartShopper™



AvMed SmartShopper puts you in control.

AvMed is pleased to announce a new service to help our Members become better-informed healthcare consumers. Introducing AvMed SmartShopper*, a powerful tool that rewards eligible Members with cash back when they choose the best care at the best price. Live healthier, save money on your care, and earn a cash bonus for your smart choices.


Protecting your wellness. And your wallet.

AvMed SmartShopper makes taking care of yourself even more rewarding. Search through our list of high-quality providers and facilities to find the most affordable options for the service or procedure your doctor recommends. By comparing costs, you'll save money and, when you choose a top value, AvMed mails you a bonus check. Your recovery should focus on improving your wellness. We'll focus on improving your wallet.


Knowledge is power.

AvMed SmartShopper goes further for Members with: 

  • Toll-free concierge call center
  • 24/7 service online, with quick and easy registration
  • Mobile-enabled shopping
  • Breakdown of total service cost 
  • Helpful online alerts and messaging


SmartShopping cart.

Here's a list of eligible procedures and the incentives for choosing a top value:


Ready to learn more?

Log in to your account, or call AvMed’s Member Engagement Center using the number on the back of your Member ID Card. 


* SmartShopper is not available to all Members. Eligibility varies by employer, plan and product.


Compare choices and find a high-quality hospital or high-quality physician today.

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