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Managing your diabetes can be a daily challenge. It’s all about awareness: keeping your blood sugar levels in an optimal range is crucial to good health. If you’re not careful, high blood sugar can damage blood vessels throughout your body, including the blood vessels in your kidneys. This can result in diabetic kidney disease, which affects your body’s ability to filter wastes. 

skipping your medication can lead to an

increased risk of complications.

These three tips can help you keep your blood sugar in check:

Measure your blood sugar regularly: Follow your doctor’s advice on how often you should be checking your blood sugar. Keep a log to track changes and create goals, and make sure to bring up any significant or unusual changes to your Provider. 

Drop the extra weight: If you’re carrying a few extra pounds, losing them can help control your blood sugar levels naturally. Improving your diet by eliminating excess sugars and carbs is one way to get started, as is adding more exercise into your daily routine. 

Follow your treatment plan: If you’re taking medications for your diabetes, make sure you take them as instructed. Skipping your medication can lead to an increased risk of complications. 

Talk privately to a registered nurse by calling our dedicated 24/7 Nurse On Call hotline at 1-888-866-5432Click here for more health tips from AvMed. 



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