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It starts with diet and exercise.

It’s no surprise that exercise and dieting are the keys to a healthier lifestyle, but have you ever stopped to think about how your blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, and blood sugar are directly affected by the choices you make?

Be realistic with the time and effort you

can devote to working out.

Set a Goal
First, determine what your critical health numbers are. Then, discuss what a normal, healthy range should be. Finally, set a concrete goal to achieve through exercise.

Be Real
A huge impediment to exercising regularly is finding the time for it. Be realistic with the time and effort you can devote to working out. If you have not been regularly exercising, don’t jump right in to an intense workout schedule, but rather ease in by starting with a daily ten-minute walk.

As you gradually increase the time and intensity of your routine, your blood pressure will gradually decrease.

Eat Better
When it comes to cholesterol, it’s important to know the difference between the good, the bad, and the unhealthy. To raise your good cholesterol, fill your diet with monounsaturated fats found in foods like olive oil, nuts, and avocados. Also, eat more fruits, vegetables, and oats in order to get more soluble fiber.

Monitor your progress as you make diet and lifestyle changes to improve your numbers and your overall health.