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For more than 50 years you have come to know us for exceptional service and our commitment to helping our Members Embrace better health®. Over the past two years, we worked to revamp our technology capabilities to better serve you and our Members. As part of that transformation, we created a new, more intuitive and user-friendly Provider Portal with a cleaner, more streamlined interface for you. Plus, it offers several new features and enhancements. So, whether it’s personal attention or providing you with self-serve options on your new Provider Portal, our goal remains the same: to help you attend to the most important part of your business, your Patients. You’ll need to register for the new portal, even if you were registered on the prior one, due to cutting-edge technology requirements.

Learn more about the new AvMed Provider Portal and how to register at

It is intuitive and user-friendly, and has a

cleaner, more streamlined interface.