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A good night’s sleep can go a long way.

Too often we overlook how we are sleeping or ignore the factors that are interfering with getting the best night’s rest possible. Here are a few tips to getting a healthier night’s sleep tonight.

1. Stick to a schedule
Your body will thank you for creating a sleep-wake cycle and keeping it consistent. But if you’re having trouble falling asleep, don’t force it. Try to do something relaxing like reading and then go back to bed when you’re more tired.

2. Mind your diet
What you eat and drink can take a toll on your sleep habits. Try not to go to bed too hungry or too stuffed. Avoid nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine before bedtime, as they can all disrupt the quality of your sleep.

3. Follow a ritual
We are all creatures of habit. By following a bed-time routine, you are signaling to your body that it’s time to sleep. Try a warm shower or listening to soothing music to help ease your transition into sleep.

4. Comfort is king
Create a sleep haven for yourself. This usually means a cool, dark, quiet room – so consider blinds, earplugs, or fans to help create the perfect sleep environment. Don’t forget to find a mattress and pillow that fit your comfort needs – whatever they may be.

5. No napping
When you choose to sleep during the day, you will limit your ability to sleep at night. If you absolutely must nap, limit it to 10 to 30 minutes and only nap in the midafternoon.

6. Work it out
When you add some physical activity to your daily routine, you will not only fall asleep more easily but also reach a deeper level of sleep.

7. Don't stress
Managing stress is a huge help for getting better sleep. Take breaks. Stay organized. Don’t let the stressors in your life keep you up at night.