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AvMed Empower (POS)

A flexible plan that gives you the freedom to see both in and out-of-network providers.

The Full AvMed Network Plus More

AvMed Empower is built on flexibility. Visit providers in our trusted network for the most affordability while having the option to get out-of-network care – it's the best of both worlds.

A Plan That Goes With You

Empower plans offer the freedom to see doctors you trust, no matter where they are. Plans are available to residents of Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Out-of-network benefits for selected services can be used across the U.S., and emergency services are available internationally.

Stay In-Network and Save

Having broad coverage doesn't mean you miss benefits close to home. Empower plans keep you connected to doctors and specialists in the AvMed provider network. See covered doctors and hospitals near you.

Find a Doctor

Dental Coverage for a Healthy Smile

AvMed Empower plans offer pediatric dental benefits with extensive coverage and predictable costs through Delta Dental.

Find a Dentist

Empower Summary of Benefits

Non-Group Medical and Hospital Service Contracts