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Part D: Prescription Drug Plans

Getting the Medications You Need

All AvMed Medicare Advantage plans come with drug coverage built-in, so you won't need a separate Part D plan. Coverage level can vary by plan – make sure your prescriptions are covered by checking the details of each plan.

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Basics of Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage available to anyone with Medicare.

There are two types of Medicare drug plans:

  1. Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. These work to add drug coverage to Original Medicare.
  2. Medicare Advantage Plans. This is what you have as an AvMed Medicare Member. It combines your drug coverage with the other parts of Medicare to give you an all-in-one package. Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are called "Part C". Part C encompasses Parts A and B in one plan. Some plans may offer Part D coverage within Part C. These plans are often referred to as MA-PD plans.

In simple terms, your Part D coverage as an AvMed Medicare Member is included in your Medicare Advantage Plan.

Prescription Coverage and Costs

The types of drugs you're covered for and at what cost varies by plan. There are no deductibles for AvMed Medicare prescription coverage. In general, prescriptions can be broken down into five tiers from Preferred Generic with the lowest copay to Specialty Medications with the highest copay or cost.

Pharmacy Formulary Tiers

Tier 1

Preferred Generic Copay: $

Tier 2

Non-Preferred Generic Copay: $$

Tier 3

Preferred Brand Copay: $$$

Tier 4

Non-Preferred Drug Copay: $$$$

Tier 5

Specialty Medication Copay: $$$$$

To get information about your plan's prescription coverage, log in to the Member Portal and click on "Pharmacy Benefits."

AvMed Prescription Programs and Savings Tools

The path to better care doesn't end after you leave the doctor's office. With tools like Rx Saving Solutions and Over-the-Counter Allowance, our members get the drugs they need at the best price.

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