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Health Savings Account

Stay Healthy and Save

AvMed Qualified High-Deductible Health Plans paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA) are tax-free accounts that allow you to put away money for health care expenses.

Save Your Dollars to Cover Medical Expenses

Having a health savings account (HSA) means you can save money tax-free to pay for care. Pair your account with an AvMed plan and get access to perks like prescription drug and maternity coverage as well as discount programs for vision.

AvMed Plan + HealthEquity Account

Our HSA-qualified health plans, AvMed Empower and AvMed Engage, can be paired with an HSA. HealthEquity is our preferred partner to pair an HSA with the qualified high deductible plan. Find out more about HealthEquity or open an account.

Visit HealthEquity

Using Your HSA to Pay for Care

The money in your HSA can be used to pay for any qualifying medical expenses (QMEs). This includes most fees for things like:

  • Medical services
  • Dental and vision services
  • Prescriptions and over-the-counter medicine
  • Many preventive services

Visit HealthEquity to see full lists of both qualifying and non-qualifying medical expenses.

HSA Contribution Limits

The IRS puts yearly limits on how much money you can put into your HSA each year. View the HealthEquity page on contribution limits to see the number for this year and next.