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AvMed’s diversity inclusion plan is designed to provide creative initiatives that go beyond the traditional methods of organizational Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and the Affirmative Action Process.  The plan will be aligned with AvMed’s corporate business strategy and encompass all of the operational components of the organization.

Objective One

AvMed’s diversity inclusion plan supports the hiring of individuals based upon their capabilities regardless of background, culture, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or other attributes. Additionally, the diversity inclusion plan includes coaching as well as counseling which serves to confirm that all Associates with diverse backgrounds and professional differences fully understand the company’s mission, goals, objectives, and core values.

Objective Two

The diversity inclusion plan establishes sound Associate relations practices based on effective policies and procedures that represent the values of AvMed.

Objective Three

The diversity inclusion plan puts in place formal diversity initiatives that set the culture but also empowers Associates to participate in actions that will support AvMed’s business goals and objectives.

Objective Four

The diversity inclusion plan supports a professional workplace relationship that discourages and/or prevents a hostile or negative work environment based on such factors as discrimination regarding race, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical, mental abilities and any related Associate classification.

Objective Five

The diversity inclusion plan included management accountabilities that reinforce AvMed’s commitment to support and embrace the company’s diversity value, mission and initiatives.

Objective Six

AvMed will develop mutually beneficial business relationships with organizations and individuals within its diverse communities.

Objective Seven

Provider Network – AvMed will analyze and evaluate the diversity of its Provider Network to insure it has an appropriate representation of diverse medical professionals.

AvMed seeks to embrace diversity as a business objective necessary to create and maintain a culture of inclusion that focuses on our Associates’ skills, experience, attitude and performance.

A diverse workforce will help to support business objectives through human resources talent which bring:

  • Different viewpoints and perspectives
  • Innovation and creative thinking
  • New, or different skills and experiences
  • Organizational awareness and leadership ability

The AvMed diversity inclusion plan promotes and helps to maintain a work environment in which Associates are treated fairly and valued, individual differences are appreciated and respected, and contributions of Associates are recognized and rewarded.

AvMed believes that advancement and rewards should be based on performance and contribution to corporate goals without regard to race, sex, color, religion, age, disability, national origin or sexual orientation. Ensuring that all aspects of our diversity are included and valued in our culture is the responsibility of every AvMed Associate, and providing such a culture is AvMed’s commitment to our workforce.

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